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Get TryVPN access for 3 years it’s totally Free for Beta test.

Supported OS:

-> Windows

-> macOS

-> iOS

-> Linux

-> Android

Now available Countries:

-> Canada

-> USA

-> Switzerland

-> Germany

-> Estonia

-> France

-> Netherlands

-> Ukraine

-> Sweden

-> Russia

-> Poland

The offer plans have started from 1 month subscription up to 3 years.
Process to get it and the setup:

Step 1: Go to tryvpn.com and choose a plan.

Step 2: Sign Up with your original email account.

Step 3: Confirm the email address from your mail inbox and sign in to the TryVPN website.

Step 4: Choose every country’s profile and select your OS from the VPN profile download’s page.

Step 5: Go to App Store or Play Store and download OpenVPN App ( You’ll get which App is suitable for device OS on that download page. Just download and install them.)

Step 6: After installing OpenVPN App, open the app and import the VPN profile that was downloaded from the TryVPN website. Import all VPN profiles one by one.

That’s all! Now enable the desire profile and keep enjoying the TryVPN service!

Why TryVPN:

-> It’s free

-> No logs VPN

-> Faster than any other VPNs

-> Unlimited Countries (now availabe with 11 countries. More will be added later)

-> Unlimited Bandwidth

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